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[ ENTRY FEE: $252 ]

• Customized nutrition plan based on YOUR body goals. Participants will fill out a detailed questionnaire and have their nutrition plans back before the start of the challenge to ensure any questions have been addressed before the January 8th start date.
• Custom workout programming designed by Strength & Conditioning Coach, Bobby Goodfellow! We will send you three workouts every week plus videos so you can see exactly what the movements look like!
• Weekly check-ins to stay on track and ensure you are progressing.
• Weekly e-mails wmini-challengesnges where you can win fun products to help you on your journey, helpful tips, workout videos, recipes and more!
• Facebook Live interactive calls and Facebook group for supportive community interaction.
• Community Approach and Support.
• Virtual Launch Party where we will be explaining the entire program with you, answering your questions and sharing our favorite tips, tricks and meals!
• Challenges! We will be holding a different challenge each week where you can win some awesome prizes! There will also be two large giveaways at the end of the program too!


Yes, we would love for you to include your friends/family in this challenge.


December 30th. . . . .Final Sign Up ****Date EXTENDED – JAN 6****
January 8th . . . Challenge Begins with Virtual Launch Party
February 26th. . .Challenge Ends (winners will be announced and prizes awarded)


While we will have mini challenge winners throughout the course of the challenge, there are two major prizes for the 52 Day Shred Challenge:
Most Involved
This is for the participant who has stayed the most involved during the challenge through the weekly mini-challenges, posting support and interaction via the Facebook group, and keeping the other participants motivated!
Goal Crusher
This final prize is pretty straight forward….it’s for the participant who really buckles down the most and reaches their goals during the challenge! We want to see you all succeed!


The 52 Day Shred Challenge follows a Flexible Dieting (counting your macronutrients) nutrition-based approach. You can follow a flexible dieting approach even while sticking to Paleo, vegan, Whole30, etc. food choices. The foods you choose to hit your macronutrients are up to you, but we do give some guidelines. If you are unsure, we can help you decide what is best based on your lifestyle!


There are several diets that exist in the world. The goal is to find one that works for YOU. Everybody is different, and they all digest macronutrients (protein, fats and carbs) differently. The key to losing weight or improving your body composition is finding a diet that can be a lifestyle – which means you can do a “diet” for the rest of your life. Don’t let someone talk you into a juicing or shake diet when you know you’ll have to eat real foods at the end of it.

Our goal here is NOT to make you dependent on a nutrition plan or nutrition coach the rest of your life. The goal is to help you create healthy nutrition habits that you can keep after the 52 Day Shred Challenge. We want you to learn how to properly fuel your body, based on YOUR goals and lifestyle. We also want you to see what amazing things your body is capable of when you devote a concentrated effort to your nutrition! Does that mean you could never eat cake again or you’d have to track your food every day of your life? Of course not, but, by tracking what you eat, you can easily see what you’re putting in your body and it will help you make better choices.

The diet I ALWAYS recommend is flexible dieting because it is flexible and easy to track.



In flexible dieting, there is no food that is off limits. Instead, you get daily macronutrient goals (a set number of carbs, protein, and fat) to consume. As long as those specific numbers are hit (+/- 5g), then food selection is left up to your personal preference. Just hit your numbers. The idea is that your body recognizes carbs, protein, and fat the same– regardless of whether they came from a donut or an apple and peanut butter. (Note: of course, an apple and peanut butter will be higher in micronutrients — vitamins, fiber, etc. — than a donut, so it’s generally better for you, but, most likely, it won’t make you get leaner). It is always important with this diet that you are sticking to nutrient dense food. Micronutrients are very important in the way your body processes food. Micronutrients are essential to good health.


I will come up with custom macronutrients based on a detailed questionnaire you are given. Once I go over your questionnaire, I calculate numbers based on your goals and give you a very detailed nutrition plan.
Once you get those macro numbers, it’s just a matter of downloading the MyFitnessPal app and tracking all the foods you consume. MyFitnessPal has a huge database of foods to choose from, so tracking is generally easy. Just remember to always pick a food with a green check next to it (that means it’s been verified).
Each week, you will do a weekly check-in to see how you are doing. But also, don’t wait to bring up any questions or concerns until check-in day! The Facebook group can be used to contact me with anything you’d like help with or need some advice on throughout the whole week!
Remember, this is a 52 Day Challenge, the more adherent you are to the plan, the BETTER your results will be!! Every day you will be logging the food you consume; I highly suggest you pre-plan your meals whenever possible! That will help ensure success.


• No foods are off-limits, so cravings can be satisfied as long as you make them fit into the day’s macros.
• Flexible dieting is sustainable. Since nothing is off limits (including alcohol), it’s easy to stay on track when going out with friends or attending family functions. It’s all about balance.


• Weighing/measuring/tracking food can be time-consuming in the beginning. Once you get the hang of it, it’s smooth sailing.


MyFitnessPal (MFP) is a great tool for tracking your food. Once you have downloaded the app, it’ll ask you to answer a ton of questions that are all kind of stupid. Just answer the questions however you want – it really doesn’t matter. It’s going to give you a caloric intake number – IGNORE THIS. Change it to the number you calculated above and change your goal settings for the percentage of your macros.
When entering food, you can create your own, scan a food you ate, or search for food. Choose food that has a green check next to it since this means it’s been verified. You can also calculate servings from recipes by entering a website where a recipe is – just make sure you double check all the ingredients before you say calculate. If you went out to eat and you can’t find the restaurant, enter each food individually. For example, if you ate a burger, search: beef, hamburger bun, ketchup, and whatever else is on the burger. This will be more accurate than if you search “burger.”

If you want to change your life and look smoking for bikini season, sign-up below for our challenge (starts MONDAY, January 1st, 2018)! We can’t wait to go on this amazing journey with you!



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