Dream Denim – Jeans For Girls Who Squat

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    I never had a problem finding denim that fit correctly until I started building muscle in Crossfit. My pre-CrossFit bod was a little less shapely and by less shapely I am saying I had absolutely no butt at all!Β Boy, do squats do a body good! Now with my stronger and a more muscular frame, my jeans do fit a tad differently than they did before. I had to ditch a few old pairs that were cutting off the circulation in my thighs for jeans that were a little more forgiving in the quad area but still had a waist to them. But when I went searching, I found that the struggle was most definitely real when looking for jeans to fit a muscular/fit physique. Knowing I had a problem finding denim that there were tons of other girls struggling with the same issue, so I figured that this would be a great topic for my next article for Strong Fitness Magazine.

    After much research, aka shopping, I found some amazing jeans that fit like a glove and look great on, which are all featured in this month’s Strong Magazine. Grab a copy or take a look at the article below and shop my faves at the bottom of this post! No more crying over split pants!

    Strong Fitness Magazine

    Dream Denim - Jeans For Girls Who Squat

    Dream Denim - Jeans For Girls Who Squat

    Dream Denim - Jeans For Girls Who Squat

    Good American Denim
    Wearing: Vest (UltraCor via Tsalt Style), Jeans (Good American “Good Legs”), Sneakers (Steve Madden), Sunglasses (Shop Ditto – Linda Farrow).


    Best Fit Denim

    Old Navy- Mid Rise RockStar $49

    Fran Denim – Sarah Skinny $98

    Barbell Apparel – Slim Athletic Fit $149

    Good America – Good Legs $169

    J Brand – Maria High Rise Super Skinny $198




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