All Day I Dream About Squats

Strange heading for a post I know. In all honesty, it’s something that I do a lot but I’ll get more into that later. What do you daydream about? I feel like I’m constantly living in a daydream and sometimes need to be pulled back to reality. It’s either about work, life goals, my next vacation, or even what I’m going to have for dinner. You name it, I have probably daydreamed about it. But recently it’s been about squatting and the reason is because I haven’t been able to do it in months. As some of you may know I tore my labrum in my hip a few months ago and have been struggling with what to do to fix it. The options were: do nothing and live with the pain, surgery to repair the tear or to try a new cutting edge injection called PRP. Knowing that I couldn’t live with the pain or having to cut back on being as active as I am, I went to a few doctors and got a few different opinions. After many doctors visits and about a month of weighing my options, I decided that I would rather try PRP before I … Continue reading All Day I Dream About Squats