10 Ways To Hide A Hangover

Hangover Pics

We have all been there. A low key happy hour spirals out of control and into an all night drinking and danceathon. Seemed like a good idea at the time but the next morning you pay for it ten-fold with blurry vision, a pounding head and a queasy stomach. Do you dare try to drag yourself into the office looking like the ghost of cabernet’s past? Or should you risk raising your boss’ suspicion by canceling your meetings and calling in sick? Answer is neither. What you really need to do is put on your big girl panties and arm yourself with these 10 tips to fake your way through the worst hangover ever.



1. Drink Plenty of Water mixed with Electrolytes


When water just isn’t cutting it, try adding a boost of electrolytes to it. When I have consumed a few too many glasses of vino, I drink a glass of pedialyite or this electrolyte concoction (recover ors) before bed and then do it again in the morning. It’s a total hangover game changer.


2. Get Rid Of The Pounding Headache


The pounding headache from all the booze you drank isn’t going to fix itself, so take a few Advil with a tall glass of water before bed and when you wake up. This is a quick fix if you have a rough night here and there but I don’t recommend drinking and taking Advil on a daily basis as it can cause liver damage.


3. Sweat It Out

Push up picture

I know this is probably the last thing you want to do when hungover but you have to do something to get your blood pumping. Do some pushups, jog around the block or take a hot shower to make you sweat. Believe me, you will feel a million times better after.


4. Wash It Off

Shower Cat

Seems rudimentary but it is your best shot at looking human after a long night boozing. It will help wake you up and wash away any lingering scents from all those vodka sodas you were guzzling the night before.


5. Pay Attention To Your Eyes


Blood shot eyes are a dead giveaway that you are hungover, so try concealing them with a few eye drops to help whiten them up. This trick works wonders.

Puffy eyes and dark circles are also signs that you had a rough night. Try using these under eye gels to help hydrate your skin and bring life back to your skin.


6. Moisturize Your Skin


Drinking alcohol causes extreme dehydration so make sure that you are not only hydrating your body but also your skin. After a night out on the town, try slathering on a super hydrating moisturizer (this one is my favorite) or a luxurious facial oil (love this one) before bed and also in the morning. Your skin will thank you.


7. Fix Your Face


When you wake up in the morning and you look like you have been hit by a bus, you will need to go the extra mile with your makeup to hide what is really going on underneath.  A good concealer, bronzer and highlighter are a must to fake the glow that has been sucked out of your skin.  I also recommend using a primer to help hide any deep lines that set in from sleeping in your clothes from the night before. Don’t forget to add color to your lips and to your cheeks.


8. Wear Large Sunglasses


When all else fails and you have zero time to get your act together, resort to larger than life sunglasses (love these). The more face that they can cover the better but these are only helpful when outdoors. Your boss will definitely be on to you if you wear your sunglasses inside.


9. Look Put Together


If you show up to work looking haggard, your cover will be blown immediately. Get dressed, look respectable and don’t freaking blow it. Wear something that is work appropriate, stylish and comfortable. It helps to have a go-to “hangover outfit” planned out in advance, so that you don’t have to spend your energy and time trying to figure out what to wear.


10. Eat Something Heartypoached-eggs-on-yogurt24

Throw the diet out the window and EAT SOMETHING. You can worry about your figure and getting into shape another time, just not today. Try eating something before you go to bed to help soak up some of the alcohol that you consumed. When you wake up, make yourself a hearty breakfast like eggs, toast and some bacon. Salads don’t cure hangovers, grease does.

Of course I don’t recommend getting fall down drunk on a regular basis but if you do happen to have a few too many glasses of wine at your next girls night, I hope that these tips will help you survive the next day.







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