My Thrift Shop Themed B-day Party

I always go a little over the top when planning my b-day parties, even though I am approaching my 30’s, but hey who doesn’t love a fun party? Especially when you get to dress up for it! This year for my 29th we had a “Thrift Shop” themed party at our new house.  The challenge was to find the best/craziest/most amazing outfit at a thrift shop for $20 (obviously I copped this from the Macklemore song).  And let me tell you people used their imaginations when shopping, thats for sure! The winner wore an african get up with dollar bill pants, he won a mug from a thrift shop…obviously.  Seriously though it was an amazing night and I had so much fun with all of my friends, we always have the best time when we get together, especially when we are dressed in silly costumes.



Claire and Will. Claire wore a mink scarf that actually still had its head on and its mouth opened as a clip. AMAZING
                                               Party just getting started..
Erika in her bright and stylish outfit. I think she should have won for most stylish outfit found at a thrift shop.
My Bday cupcake! Notice my fur and how it looks exactly like Macklemores?? I didn’t do that on purpose or anything..Also got it for $20!
                                               See the resemblance?
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    LaDue Crew
    August 11, 2013 at 2:51 am

    What a fun idea! 🙂

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