Modern Western Theme Nursery

boy nursery

I’m not sure why this nursery took so long to come together. You would think being quarantined and jobless I would have nothing but time, but having a vision and only being able to purchase/ order online was a little more challenging than I had expected. Plus, this room acts as our guest room as well as the home to our Peloton (small quarters here in LA) so there were a lot of things to consider.

My husband and I butt heads on a lot of the details of this room but at least we both agreed on the theme. We wanted to go with a subtle western theme with mixed woods and pops of greenery. I didn’t want a theme too loud and offensive to any guest that may be staying in there and felt like we achieved the look we were going for.

The photos above his crib was the first purchase and it took a while to find the right look (Thank goodness for Etsy!) We sent the print offs to Framebridge who matted and framed them for us and shipped back ready to hang. We started building around these colors and it all slowly came together! All of the guest bedding and crib sheet included came from Allswell Home. In fact, they just launched their first ever Allswell Littles line which is made out of all organic cotton and I jumped on the opportunity to try it out. They even have the most adorable bibs and playmats! Love their color options and prints as it suited his little room perfectly.

The changing table area probably took the longest to style since we decided to go with an exposed changing table rather than a dresser (since his closet already has a built in dresser) to save a little space. You have to be super conscious on what you put on the shelves as it is displayed to anyone who steps foot in the room. That was a challenge, but we found some cute baskets, a ladder to hold his blankets and a few other pieces to make it all come together!

boy nursery

Hope he loves his room as much as we do! Now we will just wait and nest until his arrival. Which hopefully is soon, because this belly is getting BIG.



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