Mexican Weekend Wedding Adventure

Last weekend Casey and I took a quick trip to Mexico for a friends wedding.  The trip there was less then pleasant, after our flight was cancelled but we got creative and somehow made it to the wedding by 6pm that night.  The wedding was held on the island of Cozumel at The Palace Resort.  The resort was nice, on the water and was all inclusive, so that meant all you can drink and eat..I think we certainly drank our moneys worth.  After a few days at the resort we had to get out of the hotel and explore what the island had to offer. We rented a jeep, put the top down and cruised along the beaches.  We had lunch at a restaurant called Coconuts that was located on top of a hill and had more amazing views then food.  We stopped at one of the beaches along the way and took a dip in the crystal clear water and on our way back we stopped by a tequila factory and tasted all of the local tequilas (highly recommended).  After an afternoon in the jeep, I think we saw most everything we needed to see of Cozumel.  It was a beautiful island but wasn’t our favorite and probably it was all due to the amount of time spent at the all inclusive resort which had a cruise ship vibe. Anyway here are a few pictures I took of the trip.
Lunch at Coconuts
Cozumel Beaches
Casey and I at the wedding reception
Amazing Mayan coffee. A must try if you go to Mexico!! Probably my fav part of the trip
Peace out Mexico



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