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Caress Love Forever

Now that summer has finally arrived and things have slowed down a bit in both of our lives, we are getting back into our date night routines with our hubbies. After a long workweek we both look forward to closing our laptops, shutting off our phones and spending some quality time catching up and reconnecting with our husbands. Whether we are heading out on the town to try out a new restaurant in one of our neighborhoods or staying in to cook together, we always make an effort to look and feel our best.

After being married for a few years, it can be easy to fall into the habit of “this will do” or “I’ll wear that new dress next time.” Don’t get us wrong, we have been there too. It’s most nights at home but one night a week it’s fun to put on something nice, put on a fresh coat of lipstick and really feel your best. The hubs even appreciates it too! hehe

When getting ready for one of our date nights we like to allow ourselves plenty of time without any rushing or stressing! I know that might sound unachievable in most homes, but by giving yourself that extra time to put yourself together, it really sets the tone for a stress-free evening. We start off with a long warm shower or bubble bath with one of our favorite new body washes by Caress. We love the Love Forever™ and Adore Forever™ scents because they each smell decadent and the scent lasts for 12 hours– it seriously will last you all night! We then go through our usual routine to prep ourselves by blowing out and styling our hair and by applying our usual moisturizer and makeup. But we usually add an extra coat of mascara, a thicker swipe of eyeliner and we polish our lips with a pretty new color. All things we usually overlook when we are rushing out the door.


When selecting what we are going to wear for the evening, we base our looks around the activity planned. If we are heading out to a restaurant or show, we will throw on a new dress, heels and a fun bag. If we are staying home we will wear a more comfortable/flattering dress and pair it with gladiator sandals for more of a casual look. Once we are dressed, we give ourselves a once over in the mirror and then it’s show time. No fussing over what we are wearing or what we should have worn, it’s all about quality time with our husbands.

It’s hard in the blogging world but if we can, we try to leave the phones off or on silent in our purses. That way we can really spend time connecting with our husbands without any distractions. Then it’s all about sharing stories, planning adventures together and remembering why you are so important to each other.

And thanks to our new favorite body wash scents from Caress we won’t ever be worrying about the summer heat getting the best of our night. The Caress Forever Collection is the first product with Fragrance Touch Technology (releases bursts of perfume with every touch of your skin). These two luxurious scents will stay strong from the morning till the end of your date night giving you the assurance that your body wash should deliver each day. They have become part of our day to day routine now after using the entire Spring in to the Summer. Even more of a reason to relax and enjoy every minute of your night.

Share how you do date night and what your prepping methods are below. We love to hear tips from you guys!

Caress Love Forever

Michelle’s Favorite: Caress Love Forever™: The label isn’t kidding when they say the fragrance is long-lasting and forever. The best way to describe this body wash’s experience is a bouquet of freshly picked red roses and a sweet blend of lush, dark berries combined in one bottle to make you feel confident all day from the beginning to the end.

Sarah’s Favorite: Caress Adore Forever™ smells so delicious it might actually make you hungry! The scent has touches of melting honey, vanilla and amber, infused with elegant petals of the “Angel Face” Rose. And it’s just icing on the cake that this glorious scent lasts 12 hours and a burst of the aroma reappears every time your skin is touched!Caress Logo                     Explore more about how to be unforgettable with @Caress. #CaressForever


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