Sarah & Michelle’s Fall Beauty Round Ups

Fall Beauty Products 2015

Now that we have entered in to fall and our skin and hair are adjusting to the change of weather, we wanted to share our favorite fall beauty products that we are currently crushing on. From exciting newly discovered brands that are giving impressive results to our traditional favorite beauty products that never fail. We have rounded the season’s latest and greatest innovations in hair, skin, and makeup and are sharing them all and why we love them so.


Sarah’s Fall Makeup Routine:

Favorite Fall Beauty products of 2015

  1. Clinique Powder: I love to sweep a little of this silky powder over my skin to set my makeup once I am finished putting it on. It gives my skin that flawless matte finish that I am looking for plus it also can double as a concealer, need I say more?
  2. Chanel Eyeshadow Quad: I originally bought this eyeshadow quad for my wedding  and have been using it for those special nights out when I want my eyes to really pop. It is a little pricey but worth it since it will last you forever.
  3. Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor: I love this little cheek stain because it adds the perfect amount color and life to my skin that it lacks cooler months. It goes on silky smooth and keeps your skin moisturized as well!
  4. Clinique Chubby Lash in Plum: Talk about nostalgic! Do you guys remember wearing colored mascara back in middle school? I know I did and I was happy to see that Clinique has come up with some updated color options like this burgundy hue. The burgundy really makes my blue eyes pop!
  5. Stowaway Beauty Balm: Stowaway products are my newest obsession, they are high quality and super compact. Great for traveling or throwing in your purse for quick mid-day touch up. This beauty balm is great for an everyday matte look. It’s lightweight, hydrating and you can build on it depending on what kind of coverage you are trying to achieve.
  6. Becca Highlighter in Opal: This is back on my list for the second time around because it is THAT good. I use it on my brow bone, inside corner of my eyes, along the bridge of my nose and a little on my cheek bones to fake perfect glowing skin.
  7. Clinique Pretty Easy Liquid Liner: I have a confession to make, I am a liquid liner whore. I have seriously tried just about every liquid liner on the market and this one by Clinique is my all time favorite. It is super easy to apply (hence the name Pretty Easy Liquid Eyelining Pen) and the applicator is thin enough to give you that perfect winged look without getting all messy.
  8. Anastasia Dipbrow: Anastasia knows a thing or two about making brow products and this potted brow gel is no exception. I just dip my brush in and swipe over my fine brows to define my features. Believe me, it makes a HUGE difference.
  9. Multipurpose Brush: This brush is my go to when applying blush or my Becca highlighter. It is super soft and you can’t beat the price!
  10. Clinique Browsing Styling Mousse: After I use the Anastasia Dripbrow Gel, I use this little wand to keep everything in place and make sure the hairs are all going in the right direction. Together these products are a killer combo!
  11. Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint: If you hate the way heavy foundations feel on your skin but still want flawless looking skin, this is the product for you. It goes on light as air and you will hardly know you are wearing anything. Perfect for that no-makeup makeup look.
  12. Tom Ford Lipstick in Casablanca: This lipstick goes on buttery smooth and stays in place for hours. I am not a huge lipstick person but I LOVE this color for fall because it adds a little life back to my face, especially when taking photos.


Sarah’s Fall Skincare Routine:

Fall Skincare

1. Naked SkinSince my summer bronze is long gone, this tinted beauty balm helps bring a little life and color to my arms and legs. Perfect when baring your legs in a mini dress or skirt.

2. M-61 Power Glow Peel:  I am absolutely addicted to these little power peel wipes! I use them every morning before I start my skincare regimen. They help firm and tighten my skin while evening my texture and skin tone, plus they leave my skin super bright and glowy! A little tip, cut the squares in half and you will get double your product and your money!

3. Glossier Priming MoisturizerLet me introduce you to the holy grail of primers. It’s seriously addictive and I notice a huge difference if I forget to wear it. It infuses a ton of moisture into my skin and preps it perfectly before I apply any foundation or concealer. This is an absolute must have!

4. Drunk Elephant Luxury Facial OilThis is another brand I have become newly obsessed with and I am kind of crazy about the quirky name as well.  All of their products rock but their luxury face oil is absolutely ahhmazing. I use it every night before bed to hydrate, preserve and heal my skin, while restoring its youthful glow. It is packed with anti-aging benefits which results in happy glowy skin come morning.

5. Clinique Smart Eyes SerumDark circles are my worse enemy so finding an eye cream/serum that actually does what it says has always been high on my list. I apply it day and night and can actually noticeably tell that my eye area feels hydrated and that it is visually reducing the puffiness after I wake up. Verdict is still out if it will erase my dark circles over stay tuned on that one.

6. Revitalash: I am a huge lash girl, either I am making sure my lashes are perfectly primed and curled or I’m wearing falsies to fake that fluttery lash look. I recently added Revitalash Conditioner to my lash squad by swiping a coat of the conditioner on before my mascara to give my natural lashes a bit of oumph.

7. Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day SerumI apply this serum every morning after I apply the power glow peel. It instantly brightens my skin and keeps infusing all of its goodness into my skin for up to 72 hours! It stimulates collagen production for that youthful skin we all are after.


Michelle’s Fall Beauty Routine:

Fall Beauty Round up

  1. Nuance CC Cream: This is my weekend makeup, with sheer coverage evening my skin tone and reducing the appearance of dark spots with enough SPF to protect my skin while I adventure around LA, the never ending summer.
  2. Juno: I can’t go to bed with out this. This antioxidant, superfood seed oil sinks in deeply and nourishes my skin overnight.
  3. Revitalash Eyelash conditioner and Mascara: I love mascara. The bigger the eyelash the better but in a non clumpy, natural way and this brand nails it. I always start off with the conditioner then finish with the volumizing mascara to achieve those luxurious batting eyes.
  4. NYX eyeshadow: This earth tone pallet is perfect for fall and and creating those smokey eyes. The dark and light options are amazing for mixing and creating either a day look or a piercing night out eye.
  5. Clinique Powder Foundation: This thing is a life saver. It’s a foundation and concealer in one that lasts all day, rain or shine with out clogging your pores like others do.
  6. Drunk Elephant Day Serum: Apply after cleansing in the morning and stays active all day. This super potent Vitaman C serum is packed with a powerful antioxidant complex to leave your skin feeling bright, firm and youthful.
  7. NYX Matte Lipstick and Jumbo Eye Pencil: The mat lipstick is a go to for me. It’s subtle but gives your lips that desired natural pout and color. I love the eye pencil for a finish touch on the brows to fill in any empty spots and define the face.
  8. Clinique Moisturizing Cream: With cooler days comes drier skin, and this cream helps protect me through out the day from the harsh change of weather.
  9. It Cosmetics Eyeliner: Waterproof eye liner is my best friend. It holds up all day at work and keeps my eyes outlined to perfection.
  10. Stowaway Lipstick: I love these stowaway products. They are amazing for traveling but also so convenient in the purse. The lipstick options are my favorite for those date nights and girls night out, fitting perfectly in my evening bags to easily touch up if needed.


Michelle’s Hair Faves 

Fall Hair Products

I’m pretty picky about my hair products. I’ve got a lot of it and it needs as much love as it can get. Wen has created a very unique soy based blend with no harsh detergents that has the most enticing aroma.  If you are like me and need that extra deep conditioning action, this Nuance hair mask is heaven, leaving your hair feeling like you just left the salon. For styling I love Oribe’s styling cream using just a touch to keep my hair from frizzing with rich moisturizers. Finish off with the Nuance finishing spray for a nice seal to the ends of my hair and I’m good to go!

  1. Wen Fall Tuscan Pear
  2. OribeStyling Cream
  3. Nuance Hair Mask
  4. Nuance Finishing Spray

 Shop our faves here:

Have some favorite products of your own that you can’t live without? We want to know about them! Let’s all get friendly and share our beauty secrets in the comments below! Also, let us know if there is a product you would like us to try out and test for you!


Sarah and Michelle

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