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Horses have always been a big part of my life. I grew up on a small horse farm in Warrenton, Va where I was fortunate enough to learn to ride at a very young age. I think as soon as I was walking, I was on a pony. As soon as I was capable, I was helping with the barn chores and taking care of the horses. After school I would go for a ride; weekends were filled with horse shows and Summer’s full of pony camps. I have so many fond memories growing up around horses and a few painful ones too. Like the time I broke my arm after being bucked off my pony named Tony, or the time Sadie threw me into a fence. There were many many spills, feet stomped on, bitten arms but I know those unfond memories only made me stronger. I always had to get right back on after my falls and face my fear. Having horses taught me so much growing up, responsibility, a strong work ethic, competitiveness, how to be a part of a team, how to work with animals and how to be friends with them too.

. My last horse passed away two years ago because of old age; she was the same age as me (guess that tells you something)!! I may not ride much anymore, but I still love being around horses. Luckily for me, my sister has taken on the horses on her farm, and I have a place to go when I need my horsey fix.

I am also lucky to have friends who also share my appreciation for our four-legged friends. My hometown friends Jen Gray and Brittany Hartz started an equestrian/bohemian clothing line, sigAshop a little over a year ago and I have been obsessed with their designs and their vision. We have collaborated a few times, which always brings me to a farm with horses. The most recent collaboration was during our trip to Saratoga, NY. Jen and Brittany met me in NY to watch some horse racing and for a fun sunrise shoot with famous equestrian photographer, Tracey Buyce and her horse Moose.

I wasn’t thrilled with the 4 am wake up call, but the lighting made it all worth it. I absolutely love the photos that Tracey took and will treasure them for a long time. If you are ever in Saratoga NY and are in need of a photographer, you have to give Tracey Buyce. And before you head to your next equestrian event, you need to order a sigAshop dress because they are so cute, comfy, and you will get a million compliments on the horse prints! Check them outTracey Buyce Horse Photography013 Tracey Buyce Horse Photography002 Tracey Buyce Horse Photography030 Tracey Buyce Horse Photography010 Tracey Buyce Horse Photography015 Tracey Buyce Horse Photography020 Tracey Buyce Horse Photography004 Tracey Buyce Horse Photography005

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Photos by Tracey Buyce
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