The Wild Wild West


There’s something about wide open spaces that instantly transforms my mood and my mind set. Our trip to Wyoming and Montana did just that to me. As soon as I stepped foot off of the plane from DC and into the fresh Wyoming air, I was able to breathe a little deeper and I could feel my stress levels dropping by the second.

Sometimes I get lost in my job and wind up working 10-12 hour days and don’t get me wrong, I love every second of it but sometimes you have to take a step back and SLOW IT DOWN. Slowing down is hard for me, I am a go-getter by nature and since starting my own business I have been go-getting harder than ever. So when I am able to get away and actually turn off my phone for 6+ hours, it feels refreshing. Not gonna lie, I had a minor freakout when we were without service for almost a day while exploring Yellowstone.. what if I don’t get my clients photo up on Instagram, what if the tweet I had scheduled doesn’t go out? But then I realized that I am experiencing some of the most beautiful parts of our country and the social media posts could certainly wait until I got back to the hotel room later that evening.

My husband and I spent five days of bliss out in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and we also stayed a night in Montana as well. We explored Yellow Stone, saw Old Faithful, Grand Prismatic Spring, hiked to Inspiration Point, went white water rafting in The Snake River, spent a night “glamping” at Yellowstone Under Canvas, and had beers at all of the staple cowboy bars in downtown Jackson Hole. We packed a lot into our 5 day western adventure and I know I didn’t see it all but I saw enough to know that everyone and their mother needs to experience this place at some point in their lives. The beauty is unreal.


IMG_3514 IMG_3885 IMG_3901 IMG_3870

IMG_3647IMG_3821 IMG_3762

IMG_3605 IMG_3773

IMG_3870 sIMG_3776IMG_3726

IMG_3813IMG_3733Sarah is wearing: Top: H&M (similar here); Jean Shorts: Rag & Bone; Watch: Jord Watches c/0; Bracelets: Tiny Devotions; Shoes: Chuck Taylor; Bandana; Fringe Bag: Steve Madden Sunglasses: Rayban.

I wore outfits like the one in these photos daily when I was out in the wild wild west. It was comfortable, easy and had a little bit of western flair. I wore my new Jord wooden watch religiously and got so many compliments on it, it fit in nicely with the scenery. It seriously goes with everything and makes a huge statement! I traded out my heels for my favorite pair of chucks, a pair of running shoes and flip flops. Its crazy how much extra room you have when you don’t pack 10 pairs of high heels!

I hope you all have the opportunity to head out to see Montana and Wyoming for yourselves, it is beyond beautiful and is so worth the trip! I would love to hear where your favorite spot is to relax and unwind. Please leave your comments below, would love to hear from you guys!


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