Summer Workout Tips

Summer Workout Tips

Summer Workout Tips

Living in DC, we all know how hot and sweaty it can get here in the summertime. The humidity can be god awful during the summer months and sometimes the last thing you want to do is hit the gym. Instead of giving in to the extreme heat, I’m sharing my tips to keep myself cool even in the sweatiest of months!

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Drink LOTS of Water – This is something that I always struggle with but it’s super important in the hot summer months. The more you sweat, the more water you need. So make sure you are drinking plenty of water before, during and after workouts. Be sure you are getting AT LEAST 0.4 to 0.8 liters per hour. After exercise, drink 16 to 24 ounces of water for every pound lost. To get ahead of this, drink 4 glasses of water when you first wake up and be sure to have a bottle with you at all times to keep hydrated!

Wear Sweat-Wicking Materials- Cotton is the worst material to wear in the summer heat. It soaks up sweat like a towel, holding the moisture against your skin and causing your body temperature to increase. Select moisture-wicking, quick-drying gear to keep you cool when it’s hotter than hell. These fabrics are thin, lightweight and don’t absorb sweat so they will keep you cooler.

Use Secret ActiveSecret Active was specially formulated for active women like us, so the more you sweat, the more odor protection you get. This deodorant was designed for performance and stronger odor protection for when your heartbeat is rising, and you need it most so it will keep you cool and protected for up to 48 hours.  The invisible spray goes on clear and offers all-day confidence with just one spray.

Workout Indoors – If you can avoid exercising outdoors during the prime heat index, I highly recommend you do that. It’s easy to become dehydrated or even come down with a bad case of heat exhaustion. If you do prefer outdoor workouts, be sure to get them in early in morning or at night.

Cold Showers- Reward yourself after your workout with a cold shower or a dip in the pool. Wash away the sweat build up and cool your body temp down at the same time!

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This post was Sponsored By Secret Choose Active Deodorant. All opinions are my own.

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