The #52DayShred Works…Here’s Proof

It’s hard to believe that our first #52DayShred is coming to a close in just a few days and that we are already gearing up for round two (starting June 12th)! If you aren’t familiar with the #52DayShred, it’s a nutrition program we developed with Nutrition a coach, Leah Clark, to help you truly learn the right nutrition tools to 1) Get the body you want, 2) Achieve your fitness goals, and 3) Make properly fueling your body a sustainable lifestyle. Read more about it here. We have been blown away by what our current #52DayShred ladies have accomplished and we are so excited to share some of their stories with you.

We gave them to the tools but their hard work and dedication to the program are what drove the results. There’s no magic pill to take to get the body or life you want, it’s your inner drive and fight that will get you there! And let me tell you, these ladies are driven!!! The best part of this program has been watching these women encourage one another and motivate each other to stick with it.  Sharing tips, recipes, successes, and failures; all things that are part of the macro counting journey!

52 days may not be enough time to achieve all the goals you are after but it certainly lays the groundwork for you to continue down your road to success. But enough from us, let’s hear what our #52DayShred ladies had to say about the program. You can also search our hashtag #52DayShred on IG to watch their journeys!


The #52DayShred Works...Here's Proof

As a full-time public relations professional and a part-time CrossFit coach, finding a flexible way to fuel my body was critical. And as somebody who has lost 70 pounds over the last couple years, I am pretty well-versed in every kind of diet out there. The 52 Day Shred was the perfect meeting of the minds for me — flexible dieting let me focus on eating healthy foods, but also gave me options on those days that kept me on the road, in the office or on my feet without sacrificing my goals. Or, you know, days that I just needed a piece of pizza. Two parts of the program stuck out for me as critical wins: first, checking in with Leah every week helped ease any anxiety about if I was doing this “right” and made sure I had personalized advice — hey, even coaches need coaches. And Sarah and the rest of the private Facebook group provided awesome support, accountability, and a safe place to share our challenges and victories. Over the course of the Shred, I traveled, went to a wedding, hit a post-injury strength PR — and still lost pounds and inches! I feel more confident in my body heading into swimsuit season, but I also feel more confident in my ability to fuel myself — whether it’s going for a new squat personal record, or prepping for a day that I have an 0600 call time in the office followed by teaching back-to-back evening classes. For anybody looking to make a positive change in their health and body, I can’t recommend this program enough. – Becka D. 


Can I just say thank you? Leah, Sarah, thank you so much. I love the flexibility and the results! I was stopped 3 different times today and told how good I look (and they weren’t talking about my makeup;-) I’ve lost 8lbs and it really feels really really good. Loving this 52DS. – Meredyth M.


The 52 Day Shred was a fun, supportive, & guided way for me to learn about IIFYM & flexible dieting. Prior to the Shred I had followed more rigid programs and saw success, but was looking for more flexibility in my diet while not sacrificing performance in the gym. Checking in with Leah every week helped me stay on track and made me feel like I had my own personal nutrition coach. Over the course of the Shred I lost fat, gained muscle, & for the first time in my life saw abs! – Cynthia B. 


I have struggled with my body image and weight since I was a teenager. Then in 2011, I weighed my most – 206lbs. I moved to DC and started walking everywhere; this boost in LISS dropped me 15lbs in two years. When I joined CrossFit South Arlington (CFSA) in December 2015, I weighed 180lbs. I had been eating paleo for a few years and dabbling in running on and off. Through CFSA I continued to improve my relationship with food by participating in their in-house nutrition program that is based on the Whole30 lifestyle. I dropped another 20ish by eating the healthiest I ever had and working out 5 days a week, but my progress at the gym and with my weight loss plateaued. I know both Sarah and Leah from CFSA; to be honest they are my role models. When I learned of their joint #52DayShred program, I had to participate! (I think I may have been the first one to sign up.) This experience has taught me that I can consume carbs, and not gain tons weight. I can drink wine and beer, and not gain weight. I learned under Paleo and Whole30, I was eating more fat than I needed and I was eating half the amount of protein my body needs. Leah, Sarah, and macros have taught me how to properly fuel my body to meet my personal goals and my gym goals. It’s hard, but you can lose weight, keep lean mass, AND get stronger – trust me, I am living it. In the grand scheme of things, 52 days is nothing. It’s a little minuscule blip in our larger lives. However, it is the perfect amount of time to learn about yourself (mind, body, and spirit), and introduce macro based fueling into your life. I came in with zero knowledge of macros while others participated having previously done macro programs. As this #52DayShred is coming to an end: I am down 9lbs, lost almost 2 inches in my waist (and more inches in other places of my body), and hit multiple PRs in the gym. I still see the 206lb woman in the mirror, daily. I think I always will. But this 159lb woman is healthier, stronger, and truly happy with herself. I highly recommend the #52DayShred to anyone. It’s an incredible experience and absolutely life changing. – Meredith P. 

Want in on the #52DayShred? Drop us an email at [email protected] and we will get you more info on the program. We still have a few spots for our June group!


Sarah, Michelle, and Leah

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