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Greek Salad

I love coming home from work after a long day to cook an intricate, gourmet meal made only with fresh ingredients that still meets my healthy standards, then enjoying the evening relaxing with my husband as we clean all the pots and pans. Ok, the truth is I would love to eat that gourmet meal and my husband and I do love cooking together, but making this a reality while balancing work, family, the blog and a social life leaves very little time to cook a nice dinner. And no energy to clean up. I can’t even seem to find the time to plan a meal, let alone cook it.

I doubt that I’m the only one in this boat. We live in a fast passed society with deadlines and demands. The reality is, cooking a big meal is time intensive and time is precious. Everything has a trade off and convenience usually means heavily processed, packaged, pre-made meals. You can forget fresh ingredients. That’s what I thought until I stumbled across Klean LA, a premium meal delivery service. They deliver freshly made meals straight to your doorstep specifically with the purpose of weight loss, weight management and nutrition. It doesn’t stop there. They offer delicious gluten, soy and preservative free food and all ingredients used are local, sustainable and organic. It almost sounds too good to be true which is why I had to give it a try myself.

And the verdict is? They are legit and it is amazing. I set up a meal delivery for one of the busiest work weeks I had which made it all the more convenient. I was actually able to enjoy time with my hubby and fur baby before and after work instead of waisting time making breakfast, packing lunch and deciding what’s for dinner. Even setting it up is easy. You can choose a delivery time that will accommodate your schedule. I can simply set up delivery for the days that work best for me and they drop off 4 chilled meals per day at your doorstep.

With all this talk about convenience, lets not forget about the actual food. Every meal was absolutely delicious and tasted fresh, juicy, with that straight out of the oven kind of good stuff. Clean living the easy way. I’m not sure if could pick one favorite meal so I’ll fill you in on a few.
There was a fennel turkey, kale and a sundried tomato frittata; a greek chicken salad with kalamata olives, citrus parsley quinoa and caramelized shallot basil & oregano vinaigrette pickled parsley; a smoked ground beef, broccoli & carrot slaw with currants and sweet green onion potato mash; and a black pepper roasted stuffed yellow squash with quinoa & peas with green beans, bell peppers and rice. Ok, that last one was probably my all time favorite. My mouth is watering just typing about it. What about food allergies or food preferences? You can easily edit any meals before delivery.

This experience really underscored the importance of spending time with those you love. It was also a nice reminder of how much I value incorporating nutritious, wholesome food in my daily diet. In a perfect world, I would have these meals delivered every day. Even when I can’t do that, it has reset my need to focus on structuring meal planning in advance. Sundays are best spent combing through Pinterest for delicious, healthy and EASY recipes before grocery shopping. Then I organize the meals for each day of the week, while storing my favorite recipes for future use, in my little blue sky “big ideas” notebook and I’m good to go!

Klean Los Angeles

Klean LA meals

Turkey and Vegetables

Greek Yogurt and Granola

Tuna and Salad

Try Klean LA for yourself and see the positive outcome it will have on you.



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