Forget Diamonds – Wine is a Girl’s Best Friend

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As you may know, we love our wine. The concept for our blog initially began over a glass of wine and still to this day some of our best ideas come about while sipping on a glass of vino. Now that we live on opposite coasts, our wine nights have become less frequent than we would like so when we are able to see each other, vino always seems to be part of the equation.

On Sarah’s last trip to LA, we planned a day to head to the beach, turn off our phones, relax, enjoy some good wine and just catch up on life. Unfortunately most of our conversations lately have been blog related, so actually being able to have some girl time with each other was refreshing and something we both needed.

We had both heard amazing things about a new wine club called Club W, so we thought our beach picnic would be a great time to try it out. We were able to select wines based on the palate profile quiz we took on their site and boom, two days later we had wine delivered to Michelle’s doorstep in West Hollywood. Best part about this wine club is, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to join like most wine clubs you see in Napa (their most expensive bottle is $29). The three bottles we tasted were ridiculously delicious and were all under $16! We especially enjoyed the Casa De Lila Rosé, since we have been on a major rosé kick lately.

What really drew us to try Club W was that they offer you the opportunity to experience craft wines that you can’t buy at your local grocery store. They have direct relationships with vineyards and farmers to make exceptional small lot wines at prices impossible to achieve at retail. We loved that they make recommendations for us but also that they give you the opportunity to select from their ever-changing assortment as well.

Signing up for Club W was a no brainer for us, we get to try 3 new bottles of craft wines each month for $39 and we don’t have to lift a finger? Yes Please! If you love wine just as much as we do and are interested in giving Club W a try, click here and your first bottle is on us!

Find the tasting notes from the bottles we ordered below and also be sure to find the info on how you can become a member of the coolest club in town, Club W.

2013 Pacificana Sauvignon Blanc

2013 Pacificana Sauvignon Blanc: This Sauvignon Blanc from Napa Valley, California has spent some time aging in oak to create a voluptuous and fuller- bodied Sauv Blanc. Recommended to pair with rich fish dishes like halibut and lobster.

Casa de lila rose

2014 Casa De Lila Tempranillo Rosé: Casa de Lila comes from an all-natural, vegan-sertified vineyard in La Manch, Spain. The elegant flavor and feminine floral notes has a touch of saltiness on the palate and a refreshing citrus finish. Perfect to pair with leisurely lunches.

Metal Made Zin

2014 Metal Made Zinfandel: Aged in 100% stainless steel, this full-bodied red was harvested just a few weeks early to ensure a zingy line of bright acidity in the finished product. The dry- rustic taste makes for the perfect cookout wine, great with grilled burgers, sausages or chicken.

Club W Rose

Join The Club

  1. Click on this link, and 52 Thursdays will buy your first bottle!
  2. Take Club W’s 30 second Palate Profile Quiz and they will match you with 3 bottles of delicious wine hand selected for you.
  3. Go with their recommendations or choose the vino of your choice.
  4. Check-out and you will receive your wine in 2-3 days!
  5. Once you get your wine, it’s time to pop the cork and enjoy!

Forget Diamonds, Wine is a Girls Best Friend!

Photos by Jason Flynn Photography


Sarah and Michelle


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