Easter Basket Gift Guide

I’ll admit, last year I didn’t get too crazy with Easter. We made a small basket of goodies for her, dressed her up (which we don’t do too often) and went to church. That was about it. Since we have no family around us, celebrating the holidays alone can be a bit underwhelming especially when trying to get in to the spirit of things. However! This year, now that baby girl is almost 2 and functioning more like a human being (more so than she was last year where she could barely walk!) I want to get in to it more.

Adaline has been all about dinosaurs the past month. So much that the theme for her 2nd birthday is going to be a dino time! So I only found it fitting to find her more dinosaur goodies to stuff her basket. That and her easter basket is actually a dinosaur! How cute, right?

Sharing a quick peak in to our easter basket and the stuffers I thought were perfect for her age (all from Target) along with a few others that I need to jump on before the big day.

Garden Tools: Teach your little one the ways of gardening this season. We all need a little helper in the backyard.

Sweets: Like most moms, I try not to give her too many sweets. She has enough energy as it is. But since it’s the holidays and a time to celebrate she can try out her very first m&m with cute festive distractors they come in and peeps! Used to love peeps when I was little.

Easter Book: You have to get a book, because really you just can’t have too many! Write a little note and date inside for a fun reminder for the littles to look back on.

Play-Doh: Adaline hasn’t experienced this fun yet, so it will be even more exciting to see her discover it for the first time. Of course, highly supervised, don’t worry.

Wooden Pull Along Toy: If your child doesn’t have a wooden pull along toy, they need one stat. They just look so darn cute pulling them along and I absolutely love wooden toys. They are so much decorative than the plastic, colorful toys that I fall victim in to buying too often.

(ok so this throw back from last year just reminded me we haven’t scheduled our big visit to see the Easter Bunny #momfail)

Happy Easter!


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