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Finding a new hair dresser that knows and handles your hair with as much care as you do to your own can be like finding a needle in a hay stack. When I first started juggling the idea of moving to LA, one of my first thoughts was how will I find a new hair color and cut stylist that suits me. Luckily I found Sassoon Salon.

Here is where I discovered my Beverly Hills Creative Team, with the newly announced and incredibly talented Creative Director, Lina Ryan and highly skilled colorist, Dianne Degnan.

Lina has just recently relocated from the U.K. to lead the Beverly Hills Creative Team here in Los Angeles where she brings her creativity, signature charisma and distinct style straight to LA. She was discovered as a hair model by a Sassoon Stylist in 2000 which lead her in to the world of Hair Design originally and her love in fashion, trends and hair prevails in her work. With her new leadership and partnership with Dianne, the Sassoon Salon dream team in Beverly Hills is my new gem.  That’s why I just had to interview my two new specialists to share with you their hair secrets, latests trends.

Meet Lina and Dianne …

Beverly Hills Sassoon Salon Team

1.  Why did you two lovely ladies choose Sassoon Salon?

LINA: Hairdressing was something I have always been interested in as I spent my teenage years doing friends and family’s hair for special events and experimented with cuts and colors. However, the hairdressing I grew up with in a little village in Sweden was not something that excited me. I thought about hairdressing as a hobby but never a career…that is until I moved to London and was introduced to the amazing world of Sassoon as a hair model.

Between the quality of work, training and team spirit, I realized hairdressing could be so much more than I ever thought!

DIANNE: I agree — Sassoon is so much more than a salon or corporation! We have a culture, which feels more like a close connected family than a company.

2.   What encouraged the move out to LA?

LINA: I first started coming to LA on vacation about 15 years ago and always loved the combination of the huge city, ocean, desert, mountains and sunshine. What is there not to like?

DIANNE: I arrived in Los Angeles as a Color Instructor at the Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica.

3.  What are the hair trends for 2016 for cut?

LINA: I’m seeing sleeker hair with movement created by different layering techniques rather than curling. We’re seeing a movement from the longer lengths and an arrival of the shorter, more tailored look. I think the undercut still has a place in today’s fashion. Perhaps we’re all a little less afraid to try something new!

DIANNE: Speaking of less afraid – color is certainly becoming bolder and brighter this season. We’ll shift from the grown out / lived-in color, to more purposefully placed, yet dramatic approach to colors. I’m predicting a lot of the cooler tones gray, blue, and green.

4.  If you had to suggest your top two favorite hair products what would they be and why?

LINA: Kerastase Resistance Ciment Thermique – it’s a brilliant heat protector, suitable for all hair textures, and still protects your hair from heat on the second and third day after application.

Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oleo-Complex Intra-Cylane – is a gorgeous product with the same gorgeous ingredients as the Elixir Ultime Original Oil, but much lighter, gives a little lift and is suitable for fine hair too!

Together, these products are perfect for a shiny, beautiful blow-dry as we advise to always apply a heat protector first and oil second.

DIANNE: As a colorist, I’m always concerned about condition. My latest obsession is the Kerastase Therapist line which includes a primer, shampoo, mask and serum — a must-have for all of our Beverly Hills blondes.

5.  What’s your favorite restaurant here in LA?

LINA: I am still so new to LA and I haven’t explored too many places outside my immediate neighborhood – but I love early morning coffees and breakfast at Gjusta on Sunset Ave or Cafe Gratitude on Rose Ave. On a day off we go for lunch at Ace Hotel – the vegetarian menu is slightly limited, but everything we’ve tried is delicious!

DIANNE: EP+LP is good food, great music and beautiful rooftop bar. I also love Perch — the view is breathtaking!

6.   Where is your go to store to shop at?

LINA: I am a huge COS fan and was so happy when I realized we have one in Beverly Hills! I also shop online with COMME des GARÇONS, Rick Owens, Ivan Grundahl, Ann Demeulemeester and Yohji Yamamoto. If I won the lottery, I would shop in H Lorenzo on Sunset Blvd – beautiful fashion.

DIANNE: For my every day, I rely on the essentials from Asos, Nordstrom and Zara.

7.   When you guys are not creating cut and color masterpieces, what do you like to do in your down time?

LINA: Spend time with my daughter and husband. Explore LA and surrounding areas. Go to exhibitions and for food. Hang out with friends and meet new people. Bike rides and films.

DIANNE: I love to travel, educate myself anyway shape or form, do something creative ( i love making jewelry ) and spending time with my husband and 6 year old little wire terrior stella

8.  I’ve had the amazing opportunity to see both of your work in action but what can you tell our readers that makes your technique stand out?

LINA: Sassoon is all about precision cuts and colors – thats a given. The personal feedback I have gotten from my clients over the years is that I am “a gentle perfectionist”. I aim to please and I very much enjoy getting to know my clients – their likes and dislikes, lifestyle and their very own individual personalities and thrive to create something that is unique to them and shows of who they are.

DIANNE: Sassoon has such a strong foundation of classic technique, i like to think i have stayed true to my technical roots but added a bit of Dianne flava….. lol

9.  Are there any hair myth busters that you two can lay to rest?

LINA: You can not have 3 layers… or 5. You can have short or long layers, but layers can’t be counted.

DIANNE: If you pluck out gray hair, 2 more will grow in its place” untrue…. each hair follicle can reproduce (one hair) after being plucked, regardless of color. plucking is a bad idea this about eyebrows..

10.  What’s the best piece of advice you can give our readers about their hair?

LINA: Be brave and have fun with your hair – Try new things! But remember – your hair looks the most beautiful when in good condition so treat it well.

DIANNE: Treat you hair like you treat your skin. be gentle, moisturize daily, invest in good products and don’t over do it with chemicals.

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Sassoon Salon Beverly Hills is located at 9403 Little Santa Monica Blvd in Beverly Hills, CA.

For appointments, please call 310.274.8791. 


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