A Whole New Meaning For ALL WHITE

I have taken on a whole new meaning for wearing all white…

all white

Yes we all know it means purity or the perfect color (or lack of) to wear in the summer to make that tan stand out bright like a rainbow, but now a days I have taken a whole new meaning to wearing all white.

It’s my choice of color (again, or lack of color) to wear to hide the tremendous amount of baby spit up and unfortunately vomit that sweet Adaline produces every feeding. More like every burp, but now that she is a little over 3 months it has progressed to just once or twice a feeding. I wear white to cover up that spit up, because to be honest with you I’m tired of changing clothes every feeding. What’s the harm in some spit up if you don’t see it, am I right?! Shhhh. Don’t tell.

I had terrrrrrible reflux when I was pregnant. In my third trimester you could find me huddled over the toilet every night because as soon as I laid down my stomach wanted to do the opposite. I never wanted to eat, yet I was always so hungry. Horrible combination. So it’s no surprise that my baby girl unfortunately took on the reflux that I so unwillingly carried.

It has been a challenge, to say the least, to deal with but it is definitely not un-common in newbies. Many babies unfortunately suffer from reflux, I just never prepared myself for it. Honestly, I’m not sure how anyone can really prepare themselves for an infant. Every baby is different. BUT to help and be SOMEWHAT prepared I would say maybe buy a few more burp cloths and bibs than you thought you would need. My mom came to visit before Adaline was born and made me about 20 burp cloths even though I already had a drawer full. I laughed and thanked my mom thinking who needs all of this. Welp. Apparently I did! Mom always knows best. I may have about 100 and still do laundry 2x a week just to make sure I have a fresh one to use.

Ok so enough bitching. Long story short, white is my new thang. That is until sweet Adaline learns to keep that stuff in her belly. Ugh. I could use a new couch and rug in the common area because they have both seen some better, dryer days.

zara dress

LA blogger

Summer Dress

basket bag


summer fashion

I’ve linked a few other all white summer dresses below. Whether you have a reflux baby or just love wearing all white…

Wearing – Dress (Zara); Bag (Michael Kors); Shoes (Valentino); Sunglasses (Le Specs)

a whole new meaning to all white



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