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Being that this is not my first rodeo and I know how difficult and time consuming it can be to compile a list of things you need to prepare for a baby, a baby that is not even here yet. SO! I thought it would be helpful to list my personal must haves. The must haves that will get you through those very difficult, sleepless few months and beyond. Must haves not only for baby but for mama too! Julius is almost one, so these pieces are tried and true x2!

This list may get a little lengthy so I apologize in advanced but I wanted to make sure that I explained why I love each product so much.

Here we go …

  1. Dock A Tot: This is a must especially during those first few weeks. Baby is sleeping most of the time and having a little portable bed that is both convenient and aesthetically pleasing is a game changer. We would tote both kiddos around the house in thiers.
  2. Owlet Sock: The owlet sock saved me hours of sleep. I can’t thank this device enough for giving me a sense of peace as it tracks your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate (the best indication of their health) while they sleep. This was a game changer for me and my high anxiety.
  3. Baby Camera: I use eufy and love it. I have been gifted a few but purchased this one and love. Great quality and tracks cameras in both kid’s rooms. Plus I needed something that was not wifi dependent bc once COVID hit, it has become super spotty with everyone on their computer. You want real time, up to date notifications, trust me.
  4. Solly Baby Wrap: Hands down the best wrap that keeps babe cozy and snug next to your body which is where they feel the most at home. The material they use feels like butter. I’ll be honest though, I used up until he was about 4 months. My big boy got heavy and wiggly quick so this was best for used around the house for free hands.
  5. Baby Brezza: So I wasn’t able to produce a drop of milk, both pregnancies. Kind of a traumatizing story, but won’t get in to that right now. So this little piece of machinery became my new best friend. Mixes the water and formula at just the right temperature and quick. Essential for those late night feedings.
  6. Humidifier: So I love Lauren from the Skinny confidential and trust everything she suggests bc she’s so raw and real. She raved about the canopy so of course I had to try and she again was spot on with the Canopy x Lalo humidifier. You naturally want the best for baby, so knowing that it is pediatrician recommended to promote easier breathing and better sleep for your baby without the hassles and health risks of traditional humidifiers was a yes for me. There is no mist! Just clean, filtered, hydrated air that also comes with soothing aroma diffusion for a calming, smooth sleep.
  7. Hatch Sound Machine: So with Adaline for a noise machine I used Alexa and paired it with up with Spotify. Not smart when your service gets spotty or other scenarios. Wish I had discovered the Hatch before but now they both have it. it’s a light and sound machine where you have the option to control manually or on your phone. Both kids like the ocean noise. Adaline likes bright pink and Julius we do no color. Only pitch black for this kiddo to sleep well.
  8. Play Mat: Plan ahead before your babe starts moving around. This was one of the best pass on purchases from Adaline to Julius because it is double sided with two prints and colors. Mind you, this is 4 years old and holding strong! Perfect size for us 82.7″ L x 55.1″ W and fits great in our current play pen.
  9. Feeding Essentials: Before you know it, they are in one. It’s crazy. 6 months flew by and instead of googling “how long does 4 month sleep regression last” I’m now looking up baby lead weaning recipes for bubs. This high chair is a newbie gifted from Lalo and I’m obsessed. My previous one was aesthetically pleasing but so bulky and heavy and not easy to clean so time for an upgrade. Love how sleek this style is AND it converts to a cute little chair when he grows out of the high chair for play! Also get yourself a splat mat for feeding time. It will save you a lot of clean up unless you have a dog. Also linking the travel mat I use here. It has a strong suction with teethers to attach toys so that they can play and not drop on the nasty restaurant floor. Nightmare. I love mushie for plates, cups and utencills and found these awesome spill proof sippy cups on amazon for smoothies. Always a go to for me to ensure both kiddos get the right amount of “good stuff” in them. I feel like I could do a whole post on feeding essentials, which I might have to at this point lol. So let’s just stop here.
  10. Stroller: This is such a hot topic and was a hard purchase for me. We ended up going with the Bugaboo Cameleon and have had it for over 4 years now. It’s in great condition and still driving smooth even though they discontinued it and updated to the Lynx. Perks- perfect size for both suburban and city life (which is our life) great quality, smooth ride, awesome accessories to add on (like the wheeled board for Adaline to cruise along with us), easy to break down and build up (especially now when out with 2 on my own) and honestly just aesthetically pleasing to me. Cons – semi on the expensive side and wish the below compartment area was more spacious though the Lynx style looks to be bigger. Many friends have and rave about the Uppa Baby Vista and if you have two like me, I love this new style here.
  11. Car Seats: Hands down, the only car seay you need is the Nuna. Get the Pipa Lite Infant car seat for the early months and then switch to the Rava when they out grow it. Flame retardant, comfortable and just plain chic for such a necessary bulky piece in the back seat.
  12. Pack and Play: So for Adaline we went with the guava. I could be an idiot, but it’s the most difficult thing to fold back up and when you’re traveling with kids thats the last thing you need to worry about. So with Julius we got the Silver Cross slumber travel crib. Super light weight and easy to assemble and diss assemble in just seconds. You can use for infant stage or even as a play pen. So much in one.
  13. Snoo: The snoo smart sleeper bassinet may be THE best purchase. Not even a purchase, a rental! Pay monthly for however long you need it which we ended up using for 4 months until he was ready to transition in to his crib full time. I would only use the snoo at night and naps were in the crip with the happiest baby sleep sack which worked wonders for the big transition. Download the app on your phone to track your babes sleep and progression. It’s addicting and rewarding.
  14. Compression Leggings and Biker Shorts: These are the two bottoms I lived in when I finally could wear something over my incision. I was wearing dresses until I felt a bit more healed, but these both have compression zones to smooth things back in to place during your recovery.
  15. Frida Mom Postpartum Recovery Kit: I really wish someone had told me to get this kit before hand. The hospital provided a few of the pieces that were included in this kit but trust me you will need more. The Frida disposable underwear was the main prize in this kit. Especially after a cesarean. You want something high waisted and absolutely nothing rubbing on that sensitive area with lots of room for those super cute gigantic pads you will be changing out down there. Fun stuff!

Ok now for a quick break down on the stuff I registered for the first time around and found completely unnecessary for me that is.

  1. Diaper pale: Seems smart but it’s just stinky and poor babes doesn’t want to smell that in their room. Plus it’s another task your adding on to your endless to-do list. After just 2 months I couldn’t take the stench in his room. Just throw it in the main trash and you will take that one out sooner than the diaper trash.
  2. Bumbo Seat: I got one with Adaline and used maybe 2x. Her thighs were too chunky she couldn’t fit so was a waist of money. I stupidly got another one with Julius thinking I just missed the “age” for Adaline and would get more use with him, but again never used. They grow out of that stage so quick, there are other more comfortable alternative items in my opinion that you could use if you need them to sit up safely.
  3. Feeding Pillow: Again personal opinion and unf. never breast fed but I was always able to find a pillow nearby to prop them up and get comfortable for both of us. Plus before you know it they are up and strong and don’t need any of that support.

Hope this post helps! Again, these are just my opinion on the products that I tried and truly love. Having a baby is not easy and time is of the essence so only wanting to bring a little convenience to your life to help maximize more snuggles and cuddles.



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