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The day is finally here! My husband has diligently been working away for over 2 years, designing, creating and perfecting his own line of sunglasses which is finally up for sale. His brand, J.Martasand, specializes in producing quality acetate sunglasses that are handmade in the United States – which is a huge rarity within the eyewear industry.

Of course I’m a little bias, but as a fashion bloggers it’s essential to have a nice collection of sunglasses. We have put these suckers through the test and they have met our expectations. The thing that we love the most about his collection is the styles are simple, clean, and timeless – think little black dress, your classic Chanel bag, a pearl necklace.

I wouldn’t feel like a good wifey if I didn’t share his hard work with our lovely readers and I’ll let him speak for himself:

“The inaugural #001 Limited Edition release from J. Martasand marks a beginning for many: for the brand, for your style, for our next adventure. Each piece is handcrafted stateside and individually marked with their respective release number along with a simple, yet important, reminder, “Made in USA”. We are a small but ambitious brand, we aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel, but we do see improvements than can be made in the Sunglass industry – specifically, transparency. We are open with all product information and we keep our pricing at a reasonable rate despite the downright theft by other comparable brands. We seek like-minded individuals, who value authenticity and a full life of experience – We just hope to tag along.”

So if you’re tired of throwing your money into a single pot, give his pieces a shot, you’ll love them.


Michelle Marcinowski

J. Martasand Sunglasses Fifty-Two Thursdays handmade in USASarah Philips   J. Martasand Sunglasses Champagne Sunglasses

Pink Sunglasses

Blue shades J. Martasand USA

LA Designer California Love Made in USA

Fifty-Two Thursdays

I’m sure after the endless photos you see how much time, effort, thought and love has been put in each individual style, piece and color. Please share and support my husband as he follows his passion.


Michelle & Sarah

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