How To Stand Out On Your Feed: Mondaine Collection

How to stand out on your feed with Sassoon Salons’ Mondaine Collection.


Want to know how to stand out on your Instagram Feed? Something I haven’t mastered but definitely something I strive for on @FiftyTwoThursdays. My three simple tips to keep in mind when snapping that gramable photo is to be UNIQUE, be VIBRANT and just be YOU.

I was inspired by this from the Sassoon’s newly released AW17 Mondaine Collection. It celebrates and promotes the kind of individuality which makes women stand out in a crowd! (aka. your feed). When I visited Sassoon Salon last week for my usual highlights and cut I spoke with David Clark, the Assistant Creative Director at Beverly Hills and what makes this collection so unique with the most enviable hair on the gram.

Here were the three looks/ tips he gave me to stand out and feel a bit more confident.

  1. Try A Vibrant Color: Copper-red will make them stop mid-scroll, without being too over the top. Infused with soft gold and vibrant orange, it’s the perfect balance between outrageously bold and casually brilliant  Vibrant color

Unfortunately I don’t think I’m that daring …

  1. Be Daring, Drop a Few Inches: A super short, blunt bob is so British and all the rage for 2018. Impress your followers with a sleek cut, a la Victoria Beckham in ’09, and if you’re feeling bold, sneak accents of caramel and navy blue into a cool dark brown hue.bob haircut

Yea. Not this girl. I love my locks …

  1. Go short AND long: Nothing screams seventies style like beautiful long blonde locks – and super short fringe. Keep it modern and striking with ice-white, pale lilac or soft gold highlights.Long hair

Nailed it! A look suited for me to give me the confidence I need. So here is the catch and how I was able to achieve this look thanks to David. I love my hair long, it has become a part of me, like a limb. I kid you not. But I’m so sick of having such thick, long hair. I get hot so quickly, it’s always in my face, I break probably 2-3 hair ties a week trying to get one more wrap around the mane and it takes me F O R E V E R to wash, blow dry and style my hair. No fun. I know I shouldn’t complain but this mama with a mane still gets bad hot flashes and finally decided to take action.

David suggested I shave a very small patch in the lower back of my head. I know. CRAZY. Am I even crazier for telling you?! Probably, but I’m just so shocked and pleased with the outcome. It’s only been a week, but I feel like I’ve lost 5 lb. and it feels AMAZING. You would never even know because my hair is so thick it still looks full but I feel the difference.

SO. Long hair story short. Not only did David help my achieve the long hair I love so much inspired from the Mondaine Collection, but more importantly he helped me regain the confidence that I was  lacking. That confidence is everything to curate the most likable photos on the gram. People want to see that con

Remember … be unique, be vibrant and always remember to be YOU! I hope this collection inspires you as much as it did for me.



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